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Dialogue-Language Test, 24/8

This is the dialogue of the test we did on August the 24.

Me: Hello Mark, the last time I saw you was three years ago. What have you been doing in USA?

Mark: Hi, I have spent the first year in London working. Last year I started enyoying the view, the attractions and I visited a lot of places.

Me: Wonderful! What was your first impression about your students when you arrived there?

Mark: Well, when I arrived at the class I was really nervous, but, fortunately, they received me perfectly. The bad experience happened the second day. They were all working in an activity when suddenly I arrived. I was late! The director was comprehensive and understood this was new for me.

Me: Oh, what an experience! Where had you been staying before you bought your apartment?

Mark: I have been staying in a hotel. There I met John, another traveller who is now my friend. He is actually working in the school with me.

Me: Great! You told me next year you are going to be head, do you have any news about it?

Mark: Yes! They told me next year I will be the head of the school, it is confirmed!

Me: Excellent! Will you be returning to England before next year?

Mark: Yes, it is a surprise for my family but I will be lying on the beach in two months! I will visit you, of course.

Me: So, I will have been with you before the year finishes?

Mark: Yes, you will!

Me: Fantastic! So as you have just told me you are happy there!

Mark: I am very pleased with people and with my work. So I can say I am in love with USA!

Me: Fantastic! Now I am leaving but see you in two months!

Mark: Of course, see you.

Interview to Michael Morpurgo

Before starting reading “WarHorse”, we look up for information of the author, Michael Morpurgo. After this, we made an interview with the information we had searched.

– Hi Mr. Morpurgo, now different reporters wil ask you some questions, hope you enjoy it!

Question: What features do you find in horses that you do not find in other animals?

Answer: Horses are characterized by being respectful with everyone. They are very loyal. I love the relationdhip, trust and affection I saw between horses and people.

Q: Were you fan of Steven Spielberg before?

A: Yes, of course, I loved almost every movie he made. Some were better than others but I like them a lot.

Q: What is your favorite book among the ones you have written?

A: I think that WarHorse,  Farm Boy, Private Peaceful or Listen to the Moo could be. I like most of them, some of them were more successful.

Q: Did you have any relationship with horses before writing WarHores?

A: I rode a bit, I was not very good at it. But my wife and daugther love riding them.

Q: How did you feel about Joey when  you saw the horse for the first time in the movie?

A: I felt amazed, I was very surprised. It was a great interpretation of the spirit of a horse.

Q: How did you research before writing WarHorse?

A: The idea did not come to my mind. I met three men in the place where I lived who had been to that war.  That is why I started writing WarHorse.

Q: Before writing your own books,  who was your favorite writer?

A: Robert Louis Stevenson, a great writer!

Q: And your favorite book before being professional?

A: My favorite book was Tresure Island, it was an exciting and full of adventure book!

Q: Great! Thanks for coming! This was the end of the interview.

A: Your welcome, I had a great time, thanks to everyone. I felt very comfortable being here!


In language class we were given 4 tasks about friendship. Of these four we had to choose 2 of them and write about it. One of the tasks I chose was task number 4:  Write about a time when a friend really helped you with something-really came throught for you when you needed him or her. How did that make you feel?Did you tell him\her?.

Some years ago when my grandfather died,  I was really sad, however one of my friends really helped me. Every day of that miserable week my friend tried to make me laugh and she talked to me about other issues that were related to something funny of happy. First I did not realized that she was really helping me, but by the end of the week I was feeling better.

In my opinion being with your friend when he or she is passing through a dificult moment is very necessary for a good friendship, of course being in the good ones is as necessary as being in moments of failure or sadness.

When I passed through that situation I was so proud of her that I could not stop saying what a good friend she was.  Because while I was sad and depressed she helped me.

Until now we are still friends and I hope that in the future we will continue being friends.

Friendship-Writing 1

In language class we were given 4 tasks about friendship. Of these four we had to choose 2 of them and write about it. One of the tasks I chose was task number 2: Imagine that some day you have a child. Write a letter for that child to read when he or she reaches the age you are right now. Tell the child about the different kinds of frienships (good and bad) you had at this age, and the important things you have learned about friendship. Offer advice on how he\she can have good friends at his age

Dear Son,

This is something for you to read in the future. I want to talk to you about friendship. The word “Friendship” it is a concept really important that you have to take into account in your life. When I was your age I had great friends. Some others, I realized that they were not so good or that we did not shared many things.

Good friends are the ones who care about you, who respect you and listen to you, these three facts are essential for a good friendship.

Bassicaly what I learned about friendship is that you have to treat your friends he same way you expect your friends to treat you.

What I recommend you is to respect your friends as they are and try to be with people that also respect you.

In conclusion, you will need to follow these tips in your future to be sure that you are having good friendships.

Writing-Christian the Lion

After we saw a video called “Christian the Lion”, Laura told us that we had to write the story of Christian from his viewpoint.

When I was little I spent months of my life in a brown box waiting to be bought. Some time later, two people took me to their home. They took care of me for one year. They were great people. First, when I started growing  I was put in a a spacious place, where I felt more comfortable than in  their house.

After some time we travelled to Africa where I stayed for the rest of my life. After my owners and I played for some time It was time to say goodbye.

One year later, they came to Africa to visit me, I still don´t know why, but they were amazed because they did not understanded how I could recognized them. We had a great time together, but, unfortunately they had to return to their country.

Surprisingly, the next year they visited me again. But this time it was different. I was not little anymore, and I had a family that I had to take care of. I am still very proud of them but our lives are very different now.