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Crime Report – Oral presentation

Pilar gave us an oral task which consisted in searching for a crime report in an online newspaper. Then, we had to write a summary and three vocabulary terms to teach in class. It should also contain our opinion.

Here is the article I took from the BBC


 In this oral presentation I will explain and give my opinion about an article I took from the BBC news, which explains how the number of tourists affected by fraud has grown in the UK and then focuses in a specific case.


According to the Action Fraud, in the last year, the number of travelers hit by scamps increased a 19%. The most common cyber frauds committed by locals toward tourists are in plane tickets, accommodations booked online and tickets for a sport or religious event. In more than a quarter of the affected, this has a big impact on their economy. Tony Neate, member of the group ‘Get Safe Online’, which works to prevent fraud, says travelers should make research about the pages used for booking, and explains holidays period is seen as the perfect time for criminals to swindle their victims.

Stephanie Gager, scam victim, expresses her disappointment and anguish when she, after depositing the money into the bank (exactly as she was told), realised she had been a fraud victim. Gager explains that when she got to the airport, the staff communicated her she was not booked on the flight.

There are many cases like this, which is why Abta (a travel organization lead by Mark Tanzer), Get Safe Online and City of London police have started a campaign warning travelers about the dangers of fraud when people book online.

I believe we should research before booking online. However, organizations and police must work to decrease the number of cyber crimes, and make everyone distinguish a safe page from an unsafe one. Criminals encourage tourists to make bank transfers in their website, because they are the only sites protected by their own bogus insurance policies. We should all work for this to end, society trying to be careful before booking, and police forces trying to identify the criminals and avoiding new fake pages. This way the number of tourists affected by scams would decrease. However, we must also work to end fraud at all, not only in these cases.


Scams; A dishonest act, a fraud.

Swindle; A fraudulent action, a fraud.

Bogus insurance; a false mean of guaranteeing protection or safety.

Action Fraud; UK national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre.