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Writing a portfolio

One of the activities that I liked the most is the one we were able to write what we were tired of. Following the structure of Ali Smith´s poem, in which she expresses many of the things she is tired of, we were able to construct something similar, using the same anaphora. I really learned with this activity, I was able to truly express myself and put into words some of the many things I am tired of. I really enjoyed how we worked all together. Although the writing was individual, putting all the work in one presentation strengthened the meaning of the writing.

I think I consider this activity as one of the most enriching of the year not only because I put my best effort but because of the moment we did that activity. I was not so tired as regards school and restrictions as I am now, which is why I was able to fully concentrate and learn. Apart from my concentration I was also able to focus just on expressing myself rather than focusing on my writing, something I sometimes find difficult. If I had to do this activity all over again I think I would continue writing a little bit more, just to experience how far my thoughts and tiredness can go.

I find these kind of activities really interesting, I learn a lot. Although I find it really important to develop other abilities, I think that combining writing with expression is wonderful. Sometimes while writing we concentrate just on grammar, plot or reaching the number of words, and having this space in which the only condition was to write our feelings was great too. I believe that, for future tasks, I should work as I did with this activity. I should find a good balance between writing skills and letting my mind express itself. I think I should also organise a little bit better, because that is the way to prevent stressing myself. These are my objectives.

These types of activities are really helpful, and a great way to learn. I really enjoy them and hope to work on something similar in the future. This year was totally different in comparison to what we expected, which is why these tasks have an extra meaning.