Literary periods

The literary periods I found more interesting were the Romantic Period, the Modern period and the Postmodern period. These three periods include well-known and important authors that wrote in different moments of history.

I am really interested in reading stories, poems or novels written in the Romantic period, mainly because of the ideas and characteristics expressed in these writings. Authors began to convey their emotions and imagination, also mixing them with nature and beauty, which resulted in masterpieces that are not only incredible for reading but also for analyising its full meaning. The authors of this period still remain in history, Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe as clear examples, whose words inspired and were read by many generations. I would really like to investigate about authors of this period and how their lives influenced their writing. Moreover, I find the Modern period really interesting too, because of these new ideas and aspects that were included in writings, as feminism, political reality and enlightenment. This period involved both World Wars, two events that changed the world completely and of course writing too. I would really like to read more about authors like Virginia Woolf, who got involved in crucial topics like feminism and society. Finally, the postmodern period is the most recent one, and includes authors that I know better. I find interesting this contrast that can be established between old writings and the ones in this last period, and how authors tackled different topics and from different perspectives and context. I would like to investigate more about the Victorian Period too, and its connection with the other periods I mentions, mainly with the Romantic period.