Art – Creative process


  • Written work describing your whole creative process.

+ Image of analyzed artwork (name the artist, technique, year)

+ Image of your artwork (well illuminated)



Artist: Pejac

Year: 2016

Technique: The artist used small brushes, and oleo or acrylic techniques. In the third above, Pejac focused on the effect of continuity, instead of giving details to his artwork..



  For this project I decided to be inspired by the spanish artist Pejac. My creative process required me to support myself in the artwork by Pejac constantly.


         I started my creative process trying to wonder what I wanted to represent and transmit. Having Pejac’s artwork as a reference, I began to think about which part of that painting I wished to depict and show in my own work. After sometime, I decided I wanted to transmit Pejac’s same message. The message in his artwork is making people aware of today’s reality in many countries, and how contamination and pollution are real problems, and many people are not aware of this. This topic was explored by the figure of two kids in a boat searching for food in a sea where the only thing that can be found are plastic bottles, as a consequence of human intervention, and where only a very small part of the ocean is clean, showing the little hope we still have. 


          With this knowledge as a basis, and already knowing that I wanted to apply the same message in my artwork, I started thinking about how I wanted to represent it. I finally decided to draw a flat landscape, with a tree as the center of it, where two thirds of the artwork represented the idea of our world polluted, showing emptiness in that part, and the third left the part of the world that we all want as our future, the part that gives us little hope and the one that we still can save. To continue with my process I first drew a sketch of what I was going to do and then I started the real work. 

         I first drew it with pencil and then worked over the pencil. On the two thirds where I wanted to explore pollution and contamination I decided to tackle my work with trash and dark watercolours. I used black paper for the tree, bags, recyclable material and newspapers for the soil and clouds and finally black and grey watercolors for the sun  and sky.

          The other third of the work I chose to deal with it by applying more details and tidiness. I thought that the best way to accomplish this was to paint it with bright watercolors. I also decided to put several natural elements that made that part of the drawing more alive, as the aim was to show life. 


The work finally looked like this:

               I think I was able to express the message correctly. However, I think I could have tackled the third of the work that shows life better. I found really difficult to show a landscape full of life in a really small place, because of proportions and because of the fact I had to show so many details in only a third of the page. In spite of this, I think that the overall idea is clear. And that the colours used properly describe and represent the message I wanted to explore.


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