Self-reflection (Literature)


Now that the year is almost over I can say that it has been a really positive one, academically and personally. I was able to have more free time than the previous years, without leaving school aside, as I learned how to organise myself better. Specifically in literature, I could learn much better how to analyse poems or stories and I really improved on essay writing. This year, the most challeging moment were the IGCSEs, in where I had to write under pressure, having a not so long period of time. Fortunately, during this year I was able to learn how to manage my time much better, which I think it was a key factor for these exams. I believe that working in groups in many tasks all throughout the year was really useful, not only because it is important for life to learn how to work in groups, but also because we were able to learn from our partners´ ideas and thoughts and complement each other.  Fortunately, I was able  to accomplish my main aim which was to get really prepared for the international exams. I think that determination was one of my strenghts, but I could continue improving on learning how to identify literary devices in a poem, which was the most difficult obstacle this year. I believe that if I had to explain things that we learned this year it would not be a so complex task as I was able to understand and improve on every aspect of literature, which is not only thanks to myself but mostly because of our teacher, Pato, and my partners who really helped me when I did not understand something. Overall, I consider it was a great year!

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  1. Abril!
    It was a great year!! Lots of exams, but you survived!!
    And you have improved a lot in Literature, your thoughts are much more mature!

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