«A complaint» groupwork – E-portfolio 4

          To start this last term, we worked on an group activity which consisted in choosing a poem and be able to give information about the author, movement in which he participated (e.g; romanticism) and finally analysing the poem itself. All this information had to then be included in a presentation and uploaded to the blog. My group was conformed by Trinidad Porretti, Sofia Mele and I, and we worked on William Wordsworth’s poem “A complaint”. While investigating about the author, we discovered how he was one of the founders of english romanticism and how this, and other aspects of his life, influenced in his writing. Analysing the poem gave us a deeper understanding and permitted us to connect this activity with other topics, and aspects of our lives, as the poem tackles the theme of love. The presentation also had to include an explanation of the title, which we were able to easily understand, and a drawing summarizing the poem (or one for each stanza). Here is our presentation; http://abrilteranfrias.cumbresblogs.com/2019/10/07/presentation-a-complaint/


          Thanks to this activity, I was able to reflect on this method of learning, and how helpful it is. I think one of the reasons that explain how well I understood the poem is group work. I was really able to discuss and look up information with my teammates and learn from their point of views about the poem. I believe that, although individual work is also important, group work is helpful when analysing stories or poems as it offers us a much deeper analysis with different ideas and perceptions. In this case, we were able to connect our thoughts and the three of us were able to learn from each other.  Also, having to place all the information in a presentation really helped me to visualize all the work we had done in a more organized and appealing way, making it more easy to retain the information. A presentation forces you to reduce and summarize the information as much as possible, something that is hard sometimes. 


          I was able to connect this poem with many aspects of our everyday life. Sometimes, we experience situations which make us feel that we are totally broken and that we will not be able to recover. This can be something simple or something extreme. We many times wonder why things happened, and continue thinking over and over the same thing instead of trying to move on. This idea of thinking that the world is going to end is what the voice transmits in the poem as a consequence of losing his beloved. While doing this activity, I also thought about another poem we had read last year, “She was a phantom of delight”, which was also written by William Wordsworth. This poem narrates three moments in the relationship between the lyrical voice and the woman he/she refers to in the poem: the moment when they first met, how they got to know each other better, and the occurrences that took place after their marriage. The voice expresses, throughout the poem, how much he loved her; In the first stanza describing her as a spiritual, pure and perfect character, and, in the last stanza, finally accepting she was more an earthly woman than spirit. The whole poem describes how much the voice is in love and admires his beloved. I was able to connect it to “A complaint”, written by the same author, as something similar occurs. Being left by his beloved made the voice´s heart become completely broken, he felt emotionally poor, as he deeply and madly loved her. This shows how William Wordsworth tackles this idea of love and relationships in more than one poem.  

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