Letter to Cambridge University

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing this letter in search of an art scholarship for the University of Cambridge, which is why I would be pleased to explain my annual school project and describe the process I have experienced until I got to the final product.

It was an easy task to discover what I wanted to do as a project since I knew that pencil-based black and white drawings was what I liked. After some classes, I discovered that applying values in the drawings could create a much more real job, and that’s what I did. My first idea was drawing only objects, but then I realised that I could greatly expand my range of drawings if I did not just focus on that. So, first I began to draw Piranesi’s prisons, and sometime later I draw landscapes of the sea.

I worked on this project throughout the year. As a guide, I used magazine photos and modified some details in my own way or imitated photos of artists like Piranesi or the photographer, Josef Hoflehner. The annual work showed that I enjoyed doing it and that as I did more drawings, I modified some ideas until I ´got to the final work. I learned a lot and by the end of this year I finally discovered what I liked, which was the aim of the project. After trying different types of paper sheets and trying to use char, I learned that the pencil and the drawings in a medium size is what I like.

I would be so grateful to study at Cambridge University, so I hope you receiving my letter. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Abril Terán Frias